3x5" index cards, gelly rolls and glaze pens galore

Last Friday I was the lucky recipient of dental surgery with a round of bonus anesthesia. My family has been taking good care of me as I indulge in sorbet, yogurt, fresh mozzarella, pudding, bananas & polenta. Along with antibiotics & pain & nausea meds & resulting intersections of naps & insomnia... I'm catching up on creative reading, doodling, and lettering quotes from the books on my bedside table. 

I drew these wacky mandala doodles sitting up in bed on lots of pillows... between naps and movies. And until I looked at them all together I didn't realize that most followed a sort of sunburst template of sorts. 

Now it's Tuesday and I'm off the pain meds and back to regular kid-commute and life stuff. Between naps, I'm working on the next issue of the Daisy Yellow Zine.