Digital Art Journaling: Overpass

"If you see something that moves you,
and then snap it, you keep a moment."
Linda McCartney

This all began with an attempt to clean off the back porch of cobwebs and errant leaves; I found myself staring down at an unorganized garden hose with fascination. Remembering a photo I had taken perhaps a decade ago, of this hose. Or maybe it was another one, elsewhere. I get distracted by patterns and find myself seeing possibilities. In that quagmire I see a highway, graffiti tags, japanese characters, abstract marks, a hopelessly knotted skein of yarn, a map, perhaps an elaborate knot.

Squint. What do you see?

So I took a photograph and finished up the porch and that evening brought the image into Photoshop where I started by just playing around with the basics - the lines, the negative space, the raw form. Then I took a sharp tangent in my alterations, working with layers, bringing in my analog art, photographs, all sorts of crazy stuff. It's kind of like defying gravity, doing things that cannot be done with paint & paper. 

A digital art journal page where I'm combining analog and digital elements, including that original photograph, just to see what would happen. If you didn't know about that first image, you would think that they were spray paint or ink or even bold marker. 

Exploring overlaps, knots, under & overpasses in many mediums including digital art, digital-analog mash-ups. There's also an index card in ink & gouache for CatchPhrase... and a Photoshop brush made from the garden hose! Start with something, see where it takes you. There is inspiration everywhere, but you need to actively look.