delicious moleskine

5x8" moleskine, pitt pen

Doing a little each day really adds up to a lot of art over the course of a year! I drew these doodles hanging out at the pool with the kiddos between May 30 - June 2. There's a water splash on the page, but pitt pen doesn't smear. Yay!

Temperatures in the 100s every day is tedius. And hot. The weather recording people are in record-breaking heaven but personally I'd like to ruin their little spree of heat. Apparently 5/6 Texans agree that it's too hot per an unscientific poll at the supermarket.

I am not even the interim assistant to the distant second cousin (thrice removed) of superwoman. Case in point: I'm trying to do laundry for our trip, but apparently both the washer and the dryer are conspiring against me. The washer is only working on the quick wash setting (which I figured out after trying all of the settings) and the dryer is barely drying. And the "bake" setting on my oven has decided to work only when it wants to. I don't want to mention the fridge because it is still working and I don't want to upset it. Sometimes the oven is set to celsius + sometimes fahrenheit; never know until it heats up.