Decoding the secrets of ink. 

In an effort to avoid the shadows that pool over into my thoughts, I am choosing to be proactive, to escape into creative work. If I'm wrapped up in the shadows, I am not as effective as a human. I can only speak for myself.

Somethings 66-75

So I'm focusing on the work for my 365 Somethings Project. It's freeing to have SO many cards ahead, SO many cards finished, a collection in process, a collection in development, feeling more and more certain that I will do them all in ink and not switch mediums as I had allowed in defining my Somethings.

Oh, how tempted I am to get some new fountain pen ink colors... 

3x3" ink by Tammy Garcia
Inked cards by Tammy Garcia

3x3" ink on watercolor paper, somethings 66-69

3x3" ink by Tammy Garcia

Questions, never-ending. What on earth can ink do - and not do? What is unique about ink? What marks can I make? How do I leverage the characteristics of ink? What are the limits? How do I decide when to control the puddles and drips and when to let them run the show? 

In the card above, I did teeny tiny stitches and allowed the ink to soak in like a little pool. The stitches are so tiny that they practically lie flat on the paper. 

3x3" inked cards by Tammy Garcia
3x3" inked cards by Tammy Garcia
Inked cards by Tammy Garcia

3x3" ink on watercolor paper, somethings 70-75

Ideas generate ideas.

I write about this in the new issue [you grabbed the issue already? thanks bunches for your support!]
Daisy Yellow Zine 17 Excerpt:
"Perhaps it’s an urban legend, this idea that creativity is finite, limited, that only certain people know the secret to unlock it. You have no doubt heard that ideas are scarce, that they will evaporate if you don't pursue or capture them."

PS. I'm doing 365 little cards for my 365 Somethings Project. This is NOT a daily project but a quantitative goal for the year. The idea is to select a small creative project and do 365 of them. Yup. You pick. Draw 365 mandalas, crochet 365 granny squares, learn/invent 365 embroidery stitches, take 365 photographs of street signs... there are an infinite number of options yet not all projects are a good match for a 365. Keep it simple yet intriguing! So I made a ginormous list of 52 repeatable projects that you can use to spark an idea for your own project. I'm working in groups, singles, quadruples, batches, series... you get the idea. There is still AMPLE time to create 365 of something, my friends! If you are wavering, I encourage you to just say THE HECK WITH IT and dive in. Get into the flow and keep an open mind. 

PS. No matter what - if you are a 365er or not, I definitely encourage you to go ahead and make a goal for yourself for your art time this year. It could be to learn a particular medium, to refine your modern lettering techniques, make a pretend yearbook... but do investigate something in a creative way, OK? What is the worst that could happen? You make too much stuff? Wouldn't that be fun? 

PS^2. Check out Hanna's 365Somethings Pinterest Board where you can see what's going on with the project.

PS.^3. At Pinterest I've collected yummy inspiring journal pages, index card art, abstract art, and I just started developing a new board to collect ideas for mark-making, an area that fascinates me. What do you use as inspiration for mark-making?