Daisy Dare: Fiber Fail

Share something you created from fiber that didn't quite work.

♦ didn't work ♦ didn't fit ♦ stitched wrong side ♦ retro chandelier pattern upside down ♦ zipper inside out ♦ knotted nightmare ♦ spilled coffee on tutu ♦ project took so long it was out of style ♦ dog ate the cross-stitch ♦

I had planned to sew ipod cases for the girls for the holidays. A perfect first true sewing project! Patterns - who needs patterns? I sketched out the plans and proceeded to stitch the case with half of the fabric facing inside out. Ripped out the stitches.

Stitched the case again. Put the ipod into the pocket and froze. The headphones... drat! They are really bulky for such tiny things, and the pocket was too flat. I'd made an ipod case which fits the ipod but not the headphones (which apparently are a component of the listening experience).

Your turn!