Daily Paper Prompt #8: Faded

“You must not ever stop being whimsical.
And you must not, ever, give anyone else
the responsibility for your life.”
Mary Oliver


3x5" index cards, neocolor IIs, gellyroll

Start with a manilla folder, index card or cut a sheet of watercolor paper into 4 pieces.

The goal is to get this page to look faded. Draw a pattern with caran d'ache neocolor II watersoluble wax crayons, watersoluble crayons or watersoluble colored pencils. Lean the card against something upright that is protected from the water and use a spray bottle to spray water at the paper. Let the water drip down and dissolve and thus fade the color.

You can also try this with heavy body or fluid acrylics but work fast as acrylics dry quickly. Paint stripes with your fingers, immediately spray the paint and let the water and paint drip down. You'll get an interesting color fade and dreamy drips. 

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