Daily Paper Prompt #54: Organize Ephemera

“If you run out of ideas follow the road; you'll get there”
Edgar Allan Poe


Take some time this week to organize your art journaling ephemera. It might be unrealistic to organize everything in a few days, but making some small steps toward organizing your ephemera might lead you to some interesting discoveries and will make working in your journal easier!

Part of collecting stuff is organizing said stuff! I organize my paper ephemera and abstract papers in several ways. For example, my Japanese washi papers are stored together in a large basket. Several tiny sucrets cough drop boxes (altered with washi tape) hold fodder like postage stamps, fortunes, words and mini-MOO cards. A variety of abstract painted pages are organized in clear plastic boxes made for scrapbook papers. Similar boxes hold magazine/catalog clippings, maps, brochures, tags and random ephemera.

Wouldn't it help to get a little organized? 

Great spots for your paper stuff: zip-lok baggies, baskets, lidded plastic containers, shoeboxes and cigar boxes. You can store ephemera + collage cuttings by theme, type, color, size, or usage. For example, you might keep stuff to create "people" together {dresses, clothing, faces, shoes}, keep found words or phrases together {for found poetry or wise remarks on journal pages}. Or maybe by color - greens in one zip-lok, blues in another, etc.

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