Daily Paper Prompt #53: Triangles

This three-sided prompt is from guest hostess Denyse Whelan!


Hello! I am Denyse, an Australian K-6 retired principal who always wanted to do Art in High School as a 'proper' subject but was told to do a more 'rigorous' subject. More than 45 years later, here I am, loving the freedom, the thinking, and the creativity of Art in my life. I'm a highly visual learner and love to take photos as well as to create. Finding Daisy Yellow's ICAD challenge has changed my life.

When it was suggested I could take this idea and see what I came up with as a Daily Paper Prompt (thanks Tammy!) I couldn’t get the triangle shape out of my head. Best to start creating. I did two (and a few more) and then I went for a drive. Not to find triangles, just some Spring (in Australia) photo opportunities. I was driving peacefully along a back road of North West Sydney when ‘bam’ I saw Triangles.

In fact, so many I said it outloud! I safely stopped, drove back to the spot and found this!

Steel staunchions. Power Lines.

Then away along the road again, these:


And so I created.... and created...

Two of my many creations based on triangle shape. In the first (above), I started with a DOT in the middle and then added triangle after triangle. The materials are wax resist glitter colours in Neocolour Crayons.

In this piece, I used a triangle shape (plastic) found in kids’ maths bags. Layered the triangles, and let the pattern take me along. The materials are water soluble Neocolour Crayons and a water brush.

Bonus: If you pop over to Denyse's blog you'll find the step-by-step process for these works!!!

Your turn! 

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