Daily Paper Prompt #51: Borders

Our guest hostess for this DPP is Kim Hesson of Miss Alayneeah. Like so many others, I met Kim through the DY FB group and was immediately taken by her use of color and her playful mark-making. Kim is an active contributor to the group and always has shares kind and supportive words.


I was so excited when Tammy asked me to be a guest host for the DPP's! One of the first options that came to my mind was borders! One of the things I like to do when I'm following along with a challenge is to look up the word/s given in the challenge. I feel sometimes it can give me a different perspective on the challenge! So I've already done that for you! Here are a few different links you can go to and find out more about borders:

http://www.thefreedictionary.com/border http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border

Sometimes if we will look past the obvious definitions we can come up with ideas that we might not before! Another fun thing to try is to put the word in the Thesaurus. After doing some reading and thinking I came up with pages of ideas for the word border! Of course I have only tried a few of them for now! I did keep a list for future reference in case I ever find myself stuck!

When I first thought of this challenge I made a list of things I could use to make a border. Here are a few of those things – ribbon, lace, stamps, doodling, stitching, words/journal, found objects, fabric, and scraps. Of course the list could go on!

My second thought about this challenge was where the border would go. We might typically think that a border would go around the outer edge of our page. If we think past that then we can come up with some different ideas. Anything on your page can have a border! The borders can be in the middle of your page or you could even have several different borders on your page. The border can highlight anything on your pages from photos, quotes, words, or even an object. The shape of the border can even differ from a circle to the outline of a word, or any other shape that you can think of.

On this first page I did a few different borders. I started out with the background and then used a stencil to trace in the stars. I created these as my borders for the words I would be adding. I chose to doodle them up a bit. After the stars were done the page felt unfinished to me so I added the border around the edge of the paper. I didn't want it to stand out as much so I just used a basic black pen instead of a marker.

This page also has many borders in it. The main border that I created though was the outer border. To create this border I started with my blank paper and added tape to the outer edges. I added the water color background and other stuff before removing the tape. This left me with the blank white edge that I added my doodles to.


This 3rd page I started out creating my own pattern paper. You could use any paper you have though. I traced the circles onto the back of the paper and hand cut them. I didn't want my circles to be perfect. I wanted the hand cut look. You could use any shape or paper punch to create this effect as well. I added the circles to a new background creating the border you see here. I haven't decided what to add to the center yet, but there are several choices! You can see I continued to enhance the circle border with pen lines and marks. The outer portion of the page has a simple border as well.


On this last page I wanted to use my sewing machine! I just love the texture that stitches add to my pages! Here I added paper and stitching as a border to the bird that I chose. I think the stitching and the torn edges add a fun and worn feel to it. I now have a list of ideas I want to try with the sewing machine after doing this page! I can't wait to work on them!


For me doing these challenges mean trying something fun and new that I might not have otherwise and stretching those creative muscles! I hope you have fun coming up with and finding new ways to use borders on your pages! In the days/weeks to come I will share the steps that I took to make each of these pages on my blog. Be sure to stop by and say hi! Thanks again Tammy for such a fun experience and opportunity to grow and play!