Daily Paper Prompt #50: Negative Space

Our prompt hostess today is Jana Bodin of Tangled Pen! I love Jana's fresh, elegant creative style and enjoy her kind and supportive words in the DY FB group.


Fortunately, the only negative here is the fact, that the object of interest is called 'negative' because it is left untouched, and color or decorative matter surrounds it. Thanks for allowing me to share my attempts and thoughts about this technique with you!

I use this technique when I don't feel the patience to work on details but want to capture a certain mood or color combination. So one time I had sketched a bird and took notes of how I imagined it to be drawn later. I scribbled those notes inside the bird. Later I simply swished some color around it and it became one of my favorite art journal pages. Since then I painted a few more journal pages using this style and tried different types of journaling within those pages.

base layer - journaling all over the page, then sketching my bird and finally surrounding it with color (and adding more elements... more journaling, stamps, paint splashes

I hope you're inspired to try this technique. It's fun and gets your brain thinking a bit outside the box. I will have a few more of this type of journal pages on my blog. By the way: No limits to mediums! I used acrylics and water colors on mixed media paper, regular copy paper, water color paper, newspaper... just go ahead and play:)