Daily Paper Prompt #49: Vogue {sort of}

Today's prompt is to design a page that looks like a magazine cover. It can be an art journal page or a painted page on loose watercolor paper or heavy cardstock. Write tantalizing and inviting {faux} article titles that taunt you to purchase the magazine {or convince you to do something}.

My Vogue {or is that Vague???} magazine cover is all about THIN. Articles investigate fat this and fat that, but rarely is THIN the focus of a joke, the focus of a fashion line.

My tongue-in-cheek articles include: 

"Quilted Jeans All the Rage on US Campuses From Harvard to UCLA"
"Personal Trainer Saga"
"Designers on Strike in Milan"
"The Thin Democracy, a Book Excerpt"
"The Thin Within"

9x12" watercolor paper, Aquabee journal, slicci pen, watercolor

Place the title or headline behind something - a collaged person or a painted face or a flower. The trick is to draw or glue on the person or thing first, then add the letters "behind" it so that it appears to be on top. Just imagine where the letters would be - if they were there - and keep writing. Put just enough of the title to indicate what it says.

Notice how the woman in red on this magazine cover is covering up the bottom of the Z, the entire first A and even a bit of the second A. You can go even more cryptic than that!