Daily Paper Prompt #46: Stapled Collage

Lauren Bergold is our creative prompt-o-matic hostess for DPP #46. I met Lauren via index-card-a-day a few years ago and fell in love with enthusiasm and ability to take a prompt and go absolutely WILD with it. 

Hi! I'm Lauren and I'm thrilled to be guest hostess today for the Daily Paper Prompt! My favorite creative motif this summer was sparked by two words at the bottom of one of Tammy's prompt lists from ICAD 2013, and those words were, "stapled collage". Did you ever have one of those moments when an idea almost seems to *EXPLODE* inside your brain? That's what happened to me when I read the prompt.


I'm sure there are a thousand ways to interpret that phrase... and I'm hoping to see lots of different ones when you guys get going! But somehow, I immediately thought that meant making a collage which was held together with ONE staple. The first one I made (above) during the Index Card A Day project, took an embarrassingly long time to compose, mostly because of the difficulty of the engineering; yet I've come back to the idea over and over; and I'm still not tired of it.


Every once in a while, I confess, I've had to cheat and use a little glue or tape underneath the "nether layers", to keep things extra-firmly in place. Conversely, it's amazing how many things which are "challenging" to attach with other adhesives, can be held on with just one staple; like transparencies, lace, doilies, tiny sequins, etc! 


For today's post I made a brand new collage, and I have to admit, it's my favorite to date. I wanted to make a sort of "step-by-step" photo story, but it turns out, my collage-making process is just not compatible with that idea, lol. 

Meanwhile, what *I* long to see are a few of the ways that my fellow artists will interpret the words, "stapled collage". Will you obsess over the engineering, like I did? Or make the collage your focus, and just use the stapler to easily attach your layers? Maybe you'll see the staples themselves as a beautiful way to create patterns or faux stitching or texture? Probably you've already thought up LOTS of brand new ideas I haven't even begun to fathom... and I cannot wait to see every one of them! ♥

Lauren goes into great depth about the art of stapled collage and gathering ephemera in the Daisy Yellow Zine Issue #11