Daily Paper Prompt #42: Hand-Lettering

Our guest hostess for this typographical prompt is Teresa Robinson of stargardener's right brain planner. Teresa is adept at using text to provide shape, texture and meaning to her work. I'm in love with Teresa's funky weekly calendar art and the daily bits of inspiration shared at her blog.


Lettering and personal handwriting are a form of art.

Creating your own style of lettering via letters cut from junk mail or magazines, books or other printed material is a way to "journal through" kinesthetically as well as add some creative elements to your planners, journals or art.

{make your way}

There are limitless combinations {and of course, no rules} when creating letter art. Allow the selection and decision process be a way to abide with your thoughts — and daring yourself with sparkly dares to try something new!


{types of letters}

Experiment with your hand-lettering using a broad-tip marker or even a crayon; consider adding ink or paint to letters you print using a word processing program or letters cut and collected from various sources. If you decide you don't like it — paint or collage over it or tear it to bits, and use for something else.