Daily Paper Prompt #41: Scraping Paint

3x5" index cards, acrylics

 The prompt is scraping paint. Paint the page a rainbow of colors with heavy body acrylics or fluid acrylics. Using a palette knife, a dull pencil or a the lid of a pen, scrape a design in the paint. For best results, work fast. If you are workingo on a full page, work in smaller sections or else the paint might be dry by the time you get back to it. You can do this with gesso, scrape marks to create texture, let it dry... and paint on top. Groovy! Another idea is to paint the first layer one color, let it dry for a few minutes, then paint the next layer and scrape. You'll see the first layer of color under your scrapings. One of my favorite techniques! Write your name, your initials, a doodle, a flower, waves, boxes, circles. Endless possibilities.