Daily Paper Prompt #37: Block Letters

“I think that is what film and art and music do;
they can work as a map of sorts for your feelings.”
Bruce Springsteen

Today's prompt is to practice drawing block letters. Not just any block style, but starting with a square or rectangle and carving (by drawing) out spots to leave the letter as the negative space. You only draw the lines that give the impression or hint of the letter. You can be as tricky or devious or cryptic as you wish. These fonts are not drawn for readability but for interest and intrigue. Design your own letters, or follow an example you find on the web or a block letter font. 

Fillmore concert poster from 1966-67 from artist Wes Wilson. Hand-drawn psychedelic art from The Art of the Fillmore: The Poster Series 1966-1971 (Lemke). The collection is described on the jacket as an "intoxicating compendium of the funkiest posters of this century." 

places i've been, july 2011

Examples of negative space in logos and fonts at WebUrbanist.