Daily Paper Prompt #36: Messing Around With Paint

Today our guest promptress is Natasha White, a mixed media artist from New Zealand who loves to fling paint and search for poetic words.


Channel your inner Jackson Pollock then go on a word search.

I did this page in the middle of working on a very left-brained report and I have to say it is one of the most freeing things I have done in a very long time, though I do recommend that you take your work outside so you can really sling and fling paint around without the worry of where the paint will go.

I diluted my paints with a bit of tar gel and water until it was dripping consistency and then I scooped up some paint with a stick and flung it over the page...put your whole body into it, instant creative bliss. Just play and enjoy yourself, but don't say you weren't warned to do this outside (and wear old clothes!)

Once the page was how I wanted it I went on a search for words, I used some old books I had but you could use old magazines, pamphlets, whatever you have, look out for phrasings that appeal to you and play with funny pairings. I am always pleasantly surprised at the poems I create using this found words technique.