Daily Paper Prompt #3: Drips

“I was on the verge of something numinous and profound and in one more second the universe was going to crack open and arcana would rain down on my head like grace and all the cosmic mysteries were going to be revealed.”
Kate Atkinson

3x5" index card, airbrush acrylics and fluid acrylics thinned with water, drips from top and sides at random


manila folder, airbrush acrylics, drips from the top, then drips from the side

3x5" index card, airbrush acrylics, drips from the top, then drips from the side, spritzed with water

Art journal page. The background was painted with with orange + yellow + black fluid acrylics. Added drips of white fluid acrylics from the left side while holding the book from the left side facing sideways. Wrote words on top of the lines when the paint was fully dry.

I painted these index cards with heavy body acrylic paint and then dripped paint from the top. Hours later, when the paint was fully dry, I wrote Jackson Browne lyrics on the "lines" made by the drips.

The prompt is to use drips on your page. You can use fluid acrylics, airbrush acrylics or fluid acrylics thinned with water. Drip paint on the side of your paper or manilla folder and let it roll down. Then drip paint on the adjacent side of the paper and let it roll down. This creates a messy grid. If you spritz with water while the paint is wet, just one little spritz, you get a tie dye effect. There are lots of options for this technique. You could use the grid for an art journal background, write on the dripped lines, doodle in the boxes. Try cutting into book marks or collage fodder.

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