Daily Paper Prompt #27: Slow Journaling


An excerpt from this page about the bookstore, "I like to take notes at the bookstore... things I think of, quotes, books to investigate further, facts, sketches, notes, creative ponderings etc." I used a Rapidograph nib in my 8x8" Clairefontaine watercolor journal. The upper half is with a .6mm nib and J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir. The lower half is with a thin .35mm nib and J. Herbin Rose Cyclamin ink.


A page from 2009 written by the pool while the kids were swimming.

Play with each sentence in your mind until your thoughts concise. Slow journaling allows you to document thoughts in a unique & creative way. This is one of my favorite ways to get thoughts to a page in an effective, imaginative & pretty way.

Read about One Sentence Journaling {Liz Massey of Creative Liberty interviewed Quinn McDonald about one sentence journaling a few years ago, good stuff}. Quinn blogs at Quinn Creative.

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