Daily Paper Prompt #20: The Blues

Today's promptress for the Daily Paper Prompt is Patricia from Magenta Matters.


Hi everyone! What a pleasure to be a guest host for Tammy's Daily Paper Prompts today!

How are you feeling today? In the pink? A little blue? Well, whatever your mood, try incorporating it into your journaling using monochromatic colors. For today's DPP, we'll be working with monochromatic shades/tints of blue.

Below: I used cerulean blue acrylic paint in the middle circle and added a little bit of white and black paint (separately, i.e, add some blue to the white in different amounts, then add black to blue in varying amounts.) to see how many values of one color I could make. I plan on adding my journaling to the blue sections with my Uniball white pen.

**Tip: when using white and a color, always add the color to the white - if you add white to the color you will need gallons of white to lighten it up! Conversely, when using black & a color, always add a small amount of black to the color.

Here I did something different & used varying shades of blue Cray-Pas. Sakura Cray-Pas are oil based pastels. They are very creamy, blendable & inexpensive (I use the Junior Artist student quality) & come in a wide array of colors. The only down side is that you cannot write over them. I usually leave some space around the Cray-Pas design to journal. If you don't have Cray-Pas, any oil pastel will work.

Above, I painted a black arc in acrylic, & later added my Cray-Pas design around it (blending with my fingers), then hand stitched an ombre effect using blue thread.

Another way to explore monochromatic color is to paint/draw a still life using a limited color palette. In this example I used only white & various shades of blue craypas to draw one of my favorite glass bottles that I have on my window sill. I will paste this one onto a journal page.

So, go ahead, grab your medium of choice, your journal, an index card, a loose piece of paper, whatever, & give monochromatic colors a try! The possibilities are endless! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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