Daily Paper Prompt #1: Paint a Rainbow

"A Gift for You. A cottage retreat on a hill in Ireland. This cottage is filled with fresh flowers, art supplies, and a double-wide chaise lounge in front of a wood-burning fireplace. There is a cabinet near the front door, where your favorite meals appear, several times a day. Desserts are plentiful and calorie free. The closet is stocked with colorful robes and pajamas, and a painting in the bedroom slides aside to reveal a plasma television screen with every movie you've ever wanted to watch. A wooden mailbox at the end of the lane is filled daily with beguiling invitations to tea parties, horse-and-carriage rides, theatrical performances, and violin concerts. There is no obligation or need to respond. You sleep deeply and peacefully each night, and feel profoundly healthy. This cottage is yours to return to at any time."

watercolor paper, gouache

Paint the page a rainbow of colors using watercolors, gouache, heavy body acrylics or fluid acrylics. Make  your rainbow any shape you wish! Draw a rainbow with Neocolor II wax crayons or water soluble colored pencils and "paint" with water to dissolve. Keep your definition of a rainbow flexible! It could be a stripe of each color of the rainbow in one medium, concentric circles or several rainbows intertwined....

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