Creativity + Index Cards = The Circle

So often we set aside time for art, we pin 45 ideas but yet when its time to actually do the work, we stare blankly at that blank white page. The muse is not answering your texts; she's nowhere to be found, likely en route to an eclectic art show in Erie. I believe that to get into your art, and build your skills, you've got to do creative work almost every day. Not in a "to do list" way, but in an "I can't wait to get started on this idea" sort of way. It needs to become an integral part of your life. It's not about how good you are at all of that art, but showing up at the page and digging in. The more you actually do that, the more natural and comfortable the process will be.

Do you want to feel more comfortable just jumping in to your work? To have a bit of accountability for actually showing up? A daily creative practice? The Circle is your launching point. The start. The missing piece of the puzzle. A fresh approach.

In The Circle, you'll enjoy a thoughtful, insightful look at your own creative practice, no matter what your experience level. Our focus is small format art, a very approachable, flexible art form. This is a self-paced online workshop where you are free to work the exercises and activities in a way that works for you. There's a warm, encouraging FB discussion group where you can stay accountable and share your index card artwork. 

I've spent much of June developing the first half of The Circle and over the next few weeks I'll devise another 31! Whew! It's really bonkers! You'll find articles, ideas, resources & simple tutorials to inspire you to exercise your creativity.

I invite you to register and join the fun. I'm going to keep registration open through the end of July... with website access through the end of February 2017.