Cut + Paste Therapy

Art journal page by Tammy Garcia

The first step in the process was to pick a journal for the occasion! I wanted something wide and reasonably sturdy that would be fun to fill with imagery. I don't know about you but I really NEED to like the paper in my journals. I found a 8 1/4 x 11 3/4" Clairefontaine Carnet de Voyage {Travel Album} and got to work. The paper in this wirebound journal is 180g/83 lb so lovely for simple cut + paste collage. 

Collage by Tammy Garcia

I skipped the first page. Why? Because I always skip the first page! Then I started cutting images, words, colors, patterns like a madwoman. Really bonkers. I have been wanting to do color-themed cut + paste journal pages for a long, long time and this was the perfect opportunity. So I started with a blue-themed first set, blues and blacks. I glued from magazines, receipts, notes, japanese washi papers, catalogs, ads, brochures, stamps, even clippings from the DIY gel prints I've been creating this month on a gelatin plate.

Collage by Tammy Garcia

Soon it was time to go pick up the kids. Then I came back and made another! I started with the woman in the kimono on the left, the yellow pencils and the wavy lines on the right and just kept going. The theme helps me pick images, sort of. This is rainbowy + bright. My DIY pinterest board. An inspiration board. On this page, along with the magazine-stuff, there's hand painted papers, gift wrap, neocolors, doodles, fabric. I scribbled in pencil too.

Collage by Tammy Garcia

And when I got home on Wednesday, another page! I am physically uncapable of doing just one page. This one has the usual suspects plus washi tape too.

This challenge was served at just the right time. I'd been feeling a need to DO SOMETHING with the stacks of magazines in the pantry. There are piles of Vogues gifted to me by a friend, a stack purchased in Italy, magazines my husband brought back from Tokyo}, Anthropologie catalogs, you get the idea. The truth is that I was feeling a little guilty about collecting magazines and not using them to their fullest extent. 

Happy fun.

I went all over the house collecting magazines I'd put away to look at some day and I'm going to make more pages. Because I'm on deadline. With something else.