Cut + Paste Therapy #6

I'm working in a 8 1/4 x 11 3/4" Clairefontaine Carnet de Voyage. Wide open, it's quite luxurious.

When I create pages, I work on several things at the same time. I'm looking at the layout, the white space, the balance of shapes and colors, and usually a theme, perhaps a feeling or color palette.

Before I collaged the top pages, I drew wavy, erratic lines with Neocolors. Then I added stuff from US, japanese and italian magazines, catalogs, japanese washi paper, MOO cards with my own art, stamps, found text. Then I "painted" around the collage with water to dissolve the neocolors.

These pages have a focus on orange with a dash of aqua, with bits of this and that. Part of a greeting card, a map, tissue paper, clippings from magazines, hand-painted papers, found text, wrapping paper, and I did that thing where you pull the text off the magazine page using matte medium. It wasn't on purpose - I put something down then decided against it - pulled it off and the text remained!

This week I worked at gluing images on Monday but it was so overcast on Tuesday that I didn't take any photographs. I'm linking with the witty Aimee of Artsyville for Week #6 of Glue It Tuesday! Totally surprised I've stuck with this for so long, and so happy I did. I really think this has become a standard practice in my creative life.

Have you tried working in a very simple way, just focusing on images and composition?

Some happy news. I was asked to write a series of articles about Art Journal Inspiration at the Create Mixed Media site. Go check out the first article, Get More You into Your Art Journal Pages. One article each month.