Cut + Paste Therapy #6


I'm working in a 8 1/4 x 11 3/4" Clairefontaine Carnet de Voyage. Wide open, it's quite luxurious.

When I create pages, I work on several things at the same time. I'm looking at the layout, the white space, the balance of shapes and colors, and usually a theme, perhaps a feeling or color palette.

Before I collaged the top pages, I drew wavy, erratic lines with Neocolors. Then I added stuff from US, japanese and italian magazines, catalogs, japanese washi paper, MOO cards with my own art, stamps, found text. Then I "painted" around the collage with water to dissolve the neocolors.


These pages have a focus on orange with a dash of aqua, with bits of this and that. Part of a greeting card, a map, tissue paper, clippings from magazines, hand-painted papers, found text, wrapping paper, and I did that thing where you pull the text off the magazine page using matte medium. It wasn't on purpose - I put something down then decided against it - pulled it off and the text remained!