Cut + Paste Therapy #2

Thank you to Aimee of Artsyville for motivating me to cut + paste these pages! I am such a happy camper, with a stack of magazines and catalogs to my left, matte medium and a brush to my right, journal open in front of me at the breakfast table.


Above, the 4th set of pages from this cut + paste journal. The contents include images from Japanese and Italian magazines, stamps, wrapping paper, cuttings from the gel prints I made recently, found words, hand painted papers, etc. I didn't really have a theme on this page, as I did with the first three pages I did last week. I tried to use the colors from the swatches on the right as a guide, rich colors like red, green, gold, purple. It wasn't as cohesive as last week. I learned that I like having a theme.


Pages from my 8 1/4 x 11 3/4" Clairefontaine Carnet de Voyage. 

The contents include images from Japanese and Italian magazines, Japanese washi papers, receipts, ticket stubs, a map... The theme was greys and greens and a serious mood.

I love the freedom and meditative experience of paging through magazines, scissors in hand, cutting what strikes your fancy, painting the back with matte medium and gluing it to the page. The clink of the brush in the glass jar waiting for the next thing. The page blooming with color. As the page gets more complete, the hunt for just the right thing to add to make it complete. I like working in this grid oriented format, the simplicity of the lines, the ability to see everything at a glance.

In art journaling, I like to layer texture and color and images, but here, I want to see everything. Loving this!

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