Altered Book: Cut-Out Windows

What do you find surprising or counter-intuitive about your art, or your experience in doing art? Could the topic or subject matter of your work impact your thought process? And could you do this proactively? 

The last page of this hardback picture book was a dull maroon, and you may not know but my least favorite color, after olive green, is maroon. So I was collaging the 2nd to last page spread and the last page spread at the same time, going back and forth... toying with options. Then I had a swoosh of inspiration to actually use the in-between page as a window! So I cut circles, with the page still part of the book, and glued it down and now those windows are permanent! It's weird, I know, but it's cool too!

This feels not-finished, and not the least deep and intriguing, more of a technique experiment to see how it would work. Perhaps it will be altered further... we shall see. I love the little white bird on the cobalt blue on the left side. 

Daisy Yellow1 Comment