Creativity Queue Challenge!


So here's the plan. Go forth and create. Report back. It's an anything goes burst of creativity. Well almost anything goes. The only trick, the only rule, the only guideline: You must work on something that you've already started. "Started" includes creative projects that you've already mapped out in your mind or on paper, something creative that you've already started and is in some form of unfinishedness (that is a word in my world).

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This is not the type of challenge that you contemplate for hours or dream up. This is the type of challenge that you freaking do something creative that you have been meaning and wanting to do. Did you want to try frisket? A brayer? Finish the lime green and espresso striped socks for your cousin Clementine? Collage the remaining 6 pages in an older art journal? Organize your brushes so that you can figure out which ones you need to replace?

This is a 5 day an 8 day challenge. Not consecutive days, but MONDAY March 26, WEDNESDAY March 28, THURSDAY March 29, SATURDAY March 31, MONDAY April 2, WEDNESDAY April 4, THURSDAY April 5, SATURDAY April 7. Monday is DAY NUMBER THE FIRST ONE (as Tigger would say). Go do it. Report back. Blog it or upload it to flickr. Pop back and add your link on Monday to the Linky Love here at Daisy Yellow. People will visit you. They will be gracious. You will be happy you did this. You will accomplish something. I don't care how small a step you take. I only care that you take a step.

Do you remember the Building a Rainbow Challenge? How you didn't have to particpate every single day, or do every single color? That's how this is going to work. If you work on something on your creative radar one of these days, that counts. I hope you can do more than one day, but I know you are busy.

The only way to make progress on anything is to take a step. Unless you have a magic wand. {And if you do can I borrow it?}

If you want to participate in a big way, become a Radar Love Challenge Host or Hostess! We will have 2 Radar Love Challenge Hosts each day. If you volunteer, you'll need to write a blog post to describe what you did that you had been wanting to do. With photos too! How actually DOING the thing made you feel, and what tangents and paths you crossed. How you actually broke through the imaginary hurdle (bought new yarn, skipped the condo board meeting, got a babysitter, googled how to make a quiche, dusted off the sewing pattern, bribed your kids with M&Ms, wrote a list, etc.). 

Two (2) volunteers are needed to host each of the following days. Add a note in the comments or via the handy dandy contact form. I'll confirm with you and add your blog here:

Thank you to all of the volunteers! We have filled all of the volunteer positions for the challenge. Introducing our Creativity Queue Hostesses for the next 8 non-consecutive days:

Hosts for MONDAY March 26 {DAY ONE}: Crafty Lady Too (Vicki) and Gem Girl Art (Gem)

Hosts for WEDNESDAY March 28 {DAY TWO}: Green Glass and I am Rushmore (Karen)

Hosts for THURSDAY March 29 {DAY THREE}: Reptitude (Barbara) and   (Lorinda)

Hosts for SATURDAY March 31 {DAY FOUR}: The Daily Commotion (Lu) and Taylor Maide (Carlene)

Hosts for MONDAY April 2 {DAY FIVE}: Luthien (Stéphanie) and Marcia

Host for WEDNESDAY April 4 {DAY SIX}: A Little of This and A Lot of That (Harriet)

Hosts for THURSDAY April 5 {DAY SEVEN}: Bookspells (Miranda) and Late Start Studio (Wendy)

Hosts for SATURDAY April 7 {DAY EIGHT}: The Suburban Road Less Traveled (Jenny) and Our Daily Craft (Sarah)

As always here on Daisy Yellow, you choose to define "creative" as you wish. So if you have wanted to learn how to make a quiche, and you've already scouted out the recipe, go forth and learn. If you bought a 85mm f/1.8 lens and still need to figure out when to best use it, perfect.