Creativity Queue Challenge: Day No. 8

It's Day No. Eight in our Non-Consecutive Days of working on creative projects from our lovely lists or in our minds. Please go read the introduction to see what we are up to. Today, our lovely Creativity Queue Challenge Hostesses today are Jenny of the suburban road less traveled and Sarah of Our Daily Craft!

So here's what I worked on yesterday.

Issue #4 of the Daisy Yellow Zine was published in early March and and at least once each week I get an email about an order, asking how the person will receive the zine? I mentioned it in the announcement post but it was easily overlooked when pushing that button to get the zine. So I decided to make a page that people would see after purchasing, and you can set that up in the options in paypal. Here's my graphic for the thank you, I LOVE it!

And in addition to what you have accomplished, I'm curious to read about what you have ADDED to your creativity queue since you started the challenge????

Working on creative STUFF tends to lead down the path to other creative STUFF.

  1. Learn to make quiche and while it's in the oven, you plan to try red bell peppers instead of onions next time.
  2. Crochet a scarf, and suddenly you are googling how to crochet in vertical stripes.
  3. Use frisket as a mask to draw a flower, and wonder if you could use it to create lines for journaling on your next art journal page.
  4. Organize your office supply drawer and stumble upon an incomplete deck of cards, separating your art pens from your number 2 pencils and dream about designing artist trading cards for the 49 cards in the deck.

 On that note, what have you accomplished creatively in the past few days? If you don't have a blog, please feel free to add your updates in the comments, so everyone can enjoy and feel the energy of the group working together. If you have a post about your progress or a flickr photo, add your linkie love below. 

It's the last day of our challenge. I've been wondering whether we should continue on a maybe once-per-month basis, but I only want to do it if there are enough people interested?