Creativity Queue Challenge: Day No. 7

It's Day No. Seven. 7 Non-Consecutive Days of getting our creative act together. Yay us! If this is all new to you, please go read the introduction to see what we are up to. There are two days to go, today and Day Eight {Saturday}! I know that Day Seven was actually supposed to be Thursday but I messed myself up with the whole non-consecutive thing and thought it was supposed to be Friday! Even I can't follow what we're doing. But the important announcement is that the Creativity Queue Challenge Hostesses for Day No. 7 are Miranda of Bookspells and Wendy of Late Start Studio! Please pop over to their blogs and say hello - they've been waiting for 24 hours and must be tired.

Keep hopping tangent to tangent in the right direction.


What am I working on, you ask? 

  1. Wrote 507 words for the shortish story I'm writing, which brings the total for the week to 1,227. No photographs of that, though.
  2. Decorated a box to contain my pens, markers, calligraphy pens, etc for a workshop I'm taking in the near future. Photos will be posted eventually.
  3. Facilitated the stringing project for my kids' school. The artwork will be auctioned at our school fundraiser next month. Each child did one color of the project as we wound our way around the pegs on a 30x30" board that another room parent built. I'll add more photos to the post, they are on my phone because I forgot the Nikon the day we finished.

If you are posting your progress today, please add your link and perhaps a comment as well. From my email, I can tell a lot of folks are following along but not necessarly posting. So if you don't have a blog post about your work in your creativity queue, you can comment and let us know what you are up to.