Creativity Queue Challenge: Day No. 5

You don't have to catch up. I promise!

There are 4 days of [non-consecutive] opportunity ahead.

Days to work on something you've been wanting to do.

It's Day No. Five (5) Already!

If you haven't yet read the introduction, please pop over and we'll wait for you to get back! The Creativity Queue Challenge Hostesses for Day No. 5 are Stéphanie of Luthien and Marcia. These sweeties will accompany you in your efforts today to work on something that's on your creative radar.


today i'll share more pages from the noticing journal and some things i noticed this morning... a baby blue and white sky, polka dot washi tape in a patch of sun, the bird who built her nest on our porch is sitting a bit higher, and the fun of addressing chaotically painted envelopes of mail art.


I am a little worried, are we making progress? Please watch the little excuses that slip in. So sneaky! They mess up your plans for art. Remember those little pockets of time today that you can make progress on your creativity queue:

While the baby naps.

While your 3 yr old works on a wooden puzzle. {hint: if your kiddo has mastered the 10 piece wooden jigsaw puzzles, take a pile of puzzles, empty them all out on the carpet, put all of the pieces for all of the puzzles in a pile and get to work}

While the quiche is in the oven.

Instead of checking facebk.

Instead of tweeting.

While waiting for your hair color to set at the salon.

While sitting on a park bench after lunch.

While waiting for your stop.

Instead of clipping coupons. {There will be more coupons tomorrow.}

Instead of ironing.


{I hope to be a good influence on your art...

...but a bad influence on the state of your housework}

Here are eleven things you can do in 15 minutes or less:

  1. Organize your markers and colored pencils in pretty containers.
  2. Address 5 envelopes with colorful markers.
  3. Put your camera battery in the charger.
  4. Paint 2 envelopes.
  5. Paint an art journal background.
  6. Crochet or knit a few rows.
  7. Cut up a magazine for journal fodder.
  8. Print out instructions or a recipe to pursue later today.
  9. Transfer photos from your memory card to your computer.
  10. Throw a bottle of water, a few fine point markers and a journal in your handbag or backpack.
  11. Peel all of the fruit + veggie stickers off of the fruit on your kitchen counter and stick them on a blank page in your journal.