Creative Prompt Cards

Creative prompt cards.
A colorful kick-start.

Daisy Yellow Prompt Cards can be used to spark art journal pages and creative writing topics. Each card provides an array of 5-phrase prompts designed to work in harmony. Prompts provide both a challenge and a constraint. These open-ended prompt cards are used by non-profit organizations, middle & high school journaling courses, public library art groups, rehabilitation centers and projects for at-risk youths.


There are 100+ unique journal prompt cards!!! If you like creative prompts, you will love my art journal cards! Keep a few in your purse or backpack for pockets of free time. The cards are printed at MOO on heavy, recycled paper. The prompt cards are business card size {84 x 55 mm / 3.3 x 2.2 in}.

Available in 10-packs and 52-packs.

An array of 5-phrase prompts designed to work in harmony, creative prompt cards are each a piece of art as well. A creative indulgence!

When you order, I select a unique set of prompt cards for you and carefully track which cards you get, so you can build a collection without getting duplicates in the future. 20-card sets receive a small hand-painted envelope so that you can carry cards with you in your journal or backpack. Sets of 52 or 100 include a perfectly-sized sturdy cardboard box to store your collection.

PS. What's missing from your collection?

If you would like to purchase directly via PayPal instead of Etsy send me a note via the contact me form in the About section. Special orders are welcome. Whether you would like two duplicate sets to use with a friend or to give as gifts, a pack of just blue or pink cards, or cards geared more to kids, or cards geared to writers... just send a note along with your order.