Daisy Yellow Creative Prompt Cards

A colorful kick-start.

Inspiration for artists who love words!

Since I was a little girl, I have collected words. On the pages of my lined journal, I’d print quotations from the Quotable Quotes in Reader’s Digest. I find words intriguing - words in other languages, definitions, phrases, sentence fragments, and lyrics.

In the 1970s, when I was little, my mom would take me on outings to BINGO halls in church basements in Pennsylvania. She carried a psychedelic canvas tote bag filled with rainbow dip dot markers and played for hours. A guy on the makeshift stage with over-sized glasses turned the birdcage round and round, selected a ping pong ball, and shouted the combination into the microphone. N3! B2!

So I set out to create the kind of prompts that I wanted for myself. Something cute, colorful, and engaging, like a tarot card, but intriguing as well, to generate ideas.

Look ⤵️⤵️⤵️ at the sweet feedback from artists!!! 🧡🧡🧡

I’m totally hooked on creating these little cards — so much that I’ve devised, brainstormed & developed 200+ since 2012. That said, I add designs and retire designs each year. Each card provides an array of 5-phrase prompts designed to work in harmony.

a challenge and a constraint

When I started, back in 2012, I didn't even know Photoshop, so I used the project as incentive to scale the learning curve! Through this experience I’ve learned SO much about designing and digitizing work, selling physical products, interacting with customers, and more.


As simple as playing a game of BINGO! Select a combination {such as B2-I5-N3-G1-O4} and use that sequence to launch a page in your journal, work out ideas on an index card, or write a short story. The original artwork on the card plus the selected phrases together form the prompt. These prompt cards are starting points; interpret the collection of phrases using your imagination and stash of art materials. 

Launch creative ideas

Use the cards in your own work or that of a group that you facilitate. Cards have been used by artists, writers, art journalists, non-profit organizations, middle school classrooms, art groups and addiction recovery groups, in rehabilitation centers with at-risk youths, in high schools, middle schools, public library journaling groups and women's art groups. I even made a custom set for my daughter's middle school class to use as part of their creative writing curriculum!

Love prompts?

Prompt cards fit anywhere a business card will fit, like your backpack, cigar box, wallet, or on a little tray on your art desk. Tuck them into the pocket of your drawing journal, pencil bag, or your carry-on luggage [perfect for flight delays]. Attach a few to your fridge with magnets, because you never know when you’ll need a little lift!

Printed at MOO on heavy, 100% recycled paper made from t-shirts! Business card size and available in 10-packs and 52-card decks.

An array of 5-phrase prompts designed to work in harmony, creative prompt cards are each a piece of art as well. A creative indulgence. when you order your set is hand-selected and I track the cards you get so that you won't get a duplicate in your next order!

sweet feedback About prompt cards!

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