Creative Geek: Turn your quotes into random phrases


You may want to turn your favorite quotes into random phrases. This is a fun project if you are intrigued by wierd, random phrases and have digitized your collection of quotes OR have saved favorite quotes on Goodreads. The general idea is to get a bunch of quotes in digital format, merge the words together and sort a bunch of times. You can export your favorite quotes from Goodreads, for example. Go to Explore, Quotes, My Quotes, Export My Quotes. Copy/paste to Excel and then do a fill-justify and sort again to get some randomness. 

When you get all of your quotes set up as you want them, just print on transparency paper, tissue paper or heavy cardstock. Then as you work in your art journal and make collages you will have this assortment of random words with intriguing phrases not of your own invention.

Perfect journal fodder, right?