Creating Outside the Imagination

chaos reins on 5x8" watercolor moleskine, pitt pen


"Doodling is a term that has become part of "Origami - speak" and means the unconscious manipulations of paper to achieve a result."

"Usually when I doodle I do so at the same time as some other activity, for instance while watching the TV or listening to music. My mind tends to switch between the two and to some extent I am not really aware of what I am folding. There is no conscious plan, I just fold the paper this way and that until either a result is achieved or I lose interest. Because the conscious mind is switched off, I am no longer hindered by the range of my imagination and I can create outside of my imagination. This is important because it is not possible to imagine many of the more complex moves in Origami, they can only be found by the physical folding of the paper. By switching off the conscious, the barriers to creativity are removed, the nagging doubts, the preconceptions, the range of our conscious imagination."

Excerpted from Thoughts on Creativity by Phil Shepherd, The British Origami Society, August 1993.