Cooking: 14 Questions

Cooking is art. It is creative. It has depth. And it has methods and documentation and decisions. And history. And fantasy. And memories. And scents of days past. Notes dusty with age, curled pages, familiar ingredients. That was the topic of today's journaling. I wrote in gelly rolls on the super funky papers created yesterday with Aimee's inspiration. The background has a warm, soft texture, no longer of paper, but of silk. Almost too smooth. The gelly rolls (other than white, which wasn't opaque enough to outcolor the vivid inks) worked like a dream on the inked page.

So today, we talk cooking. We talk food. Recipes. In the week ahead, in the states, my favorite holiday of all, Thanksgiving. Listening to Amy talk about soup in Creative Mom Podcast #156 has inspired thoughts of cooking. So much surrounds the seemingly simple act of cooking meals.

My questions in my stream-of-conscious journal page about cooking follow.  Please post your response in the comments or at your site! Thanks for playing!

a. Does what you cook say something about you?

- There's a mexican influence here

b. How do you keep track of your recipes, your notes on how to make them?

- In a little lined journal, with recipes stapled in, and notes all around... plus printed pages, messy

c. What recipes do you measure precisely, and which do you guesstimate?

- Brownies... Quiche

d. Are there dishes you make quite well, but never eat?

- Grilled salmon with soy sauce-lime-ginger marinade

e. What portion of your recipes [that you make at least annually] were passed down from a previous generation?

- About half

f. What dry spice do you find yourself replenishing most often?

- Cinnamon and Cumin

g. What is the messiest dish you make (biggest clean-up)?

- Chicken schnitzel

h. What is the largest, most varied [number of dishes] meal you make each year?

- Thanksgiving - from turkey to pumpkin pie and everything in between

i. What's the wierdest thing that will be served at your Thanksgiving [holiday] table?

- Canned cranberry sauce

j. Have you taught your kids to cook?

- Working on it - focusing on baked stuff like muffins, bread, cake, pie...

k. What do you always seem to burn?

- Oatmeal

l. What dishes do you typically bring to a party or pot luck dinner?

- Brownies, bean-cilantro dip or fruit salad

m. Which of your creations do your friends/family RAVE ABOUT?

- bean-cilantro dip, chocolate cake

n. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla cake?

Chocolate with vanilla icing OR vanilla with chocolate icing.


Did you respond at your blog? Give me the link! Sophie's response

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