Concurrent Projects

"It is a paradoxical but profoundly true
and important principle of life
that the most likely way to reach a goal
is to be aiming not at that goal itself
but at some more ambitious goal beyond it."
~Arnold Toynbee

Doodles by the pool, in the waiting room, waiting for a friend.

9x12" loose art journal page almost finished.

Slow journaling while the kids are drawing cartoons + fairies on a Sunday morning.

It surprises me that I work in multiple journals and projects at the same time. Not at the exact same time, but, for example, I have a 6x8" strathmore journal in my purse for doodling, a basket of loose art journal pages yet to be journaled, several books I'm altering, watercolor doodles in process, an embroidery project. And I'm actively making progress on all of these projects, working where and when I can, always adding more ideas to the mix as others are finished or phased out. 

So I'm curious...

  • Do you ever have more than one active creative project going at the same time?
  • Does it bother you?
  • How do you decide which to do and when?
  • Do you leave a lot of art journal pages un-journaled (i.e. no writing)?
  • Do you create more than piece of art (whatever your art may be) at a time (i.e. a bunch of pages on the workspace at the same time, all at the same point in progress)?
  • Do you use different sizes of paper for the same type of art, or generally match the art to the paper?

And always, a pile of laundry, bills to pay, Fringe on TIVO. C'est la vie.