Painting Quasi-Concentric Circles with Gouache

Yeah! I’m filming my new {abstract watercolor|gouache} workshop Tiny Adventure and made a fun + happy + colorful tutorial to share with you in advance! This is a relaxing painting technique that takes advantage of the opacity of gouache to make layers + layers that blend and blur and form such interesting intersections + colors!

Grab some watercolor paper in any size, a watercolor brush [i.e. round #8 or #10] to start, plus your gouache paints. As an FYI, the way I work with gouache is to squeeze paint into a [storage] palette and then spritz with water to refresh and rewet when I want to paint. This is something I cover in detail in my watercolor|gouache workshops so you haven’t done this know that it is very easy peasy! See Organizing Yummy Watercolor + Gouache Tubes.

Playful circles by Tammy Garcia

Tiny Adventure is a playful mix of abstract painting & patterns - absolutely perfect for beginners and folks just wanting to try out painting and just meander through a journal or a stack of watercolor paper as I did in August and September to DE-STRESS. This intention is to give you a nudge to chill out, take a well-needed escape from the day-to-day chaos… and paint. You love to paint, right!?

Abstract pattern-making in my world is perfectly imperfect.

Here's how it works!

Start with watercolor paper. Paint a bunch of wonky circles with one color of gouache paint using a large round watercolor brush [i.e. #8 or #10]. You'll definitely want a true watercolor brush rather than a generic mixed media brush. A watercolor brush handles the water quite consistently. Gradually change colors, make more circles, following the ideas in the video.

I “usually” work from larger to smaller circles, but that’s not a hard and fast rule! Notice the subtle and not-so-subtle blends of paint where colors overlap or where adjacent colors meet? Fun, right? Work fairly quickly, so that your layers are not completely dry when you move to the next color. If you put on some music, you might lose yourself in this process, and that’s good!

Circles in gouache by Tammy Garcia #gouache #tutorial
Playful Circles in Gouache
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