More colorful hand-drawn contraptions.

Art is a positive force ☯️ and creating consistently {and for me that’s daily, for years upon years} means that doing art is part of the ebb and flow of the day. It doesn’t feel heavy like a requirement or a guilt-trip but it feels just normal. I feel better and my brain feels more calm especially when literally everything around us is spinning out of control.

The physical stack of finished work is evidence of having created. I hope that you “get it” and give thought to how you do art, how you approach your page or scarf or journal or quilt or canvas. Accept and comprehend that it matters and that you should do whatever you need to do to keep the process flowing.

Throughout last year’s long-running 365 project and inktober [here’s the inktober 2018 wrap-up], I followed some intriguing tangents into hand-drawn illustrations. These quirky structures seem to HOLD something or be a MAP of something? Maybe zombie contraption maps? I think it’s fun that you can name your art whatever you want to — no rules! It would probably make a better story to talk about how they visualized into my mind while drinking chai tea on a silent zen retreat but really they are just figments of my imagination. Plus I would never attempt a silent retreat because… I’m not the silent type.

Illustrations in ink by Tammy Garcia.

inked Abstracts #300-306

“Even when some conscious self-analysis and some imaginative thinking, supplemented by intuition, have given you some clues, insights or bold guesses about yourself, you still have to try to work out these ideas in a real life. That involves an element of trial – and error – periods of frustration and despair, and moments of excitement and joy. For gradually, the creative patterns of your life begin to emerge before your eyes on the loom of experience, with change and continuity as its warp and weft.”
John Adair

Illustrations in ink by Tammy Garcia.