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"Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion."
Tina Fey

Remember to be patient with yourself if you are struggling to do your card each day. You can simplify what you are doing, that may likely help. Know that it takes time to incorporate a daily creative project into your day --- it is a process that is constantly evolving but YOU need to own that daily decision. I believe that art contributes to our overall happiness. It does not "make" us happy. For me, life is better with art than without. If your week is better WITH art, make it a practice. Make time. Trade time. Invent time. Reverse time. But figure it out. It matters.

61 cards | 61 days

I didn't do many of the prompts this week, but I had lots of fun exploring stuff I likely would not have discovered!

ICAD #8. Stitched collage on 3x5" index card. This one felt disjointed... maybe because it was worked in tiny bursts {reason: 🐕 Indigo puppy}.  🌟 3x5” index card, collage, stitching. My idea had to do with drawing circles with thread and forming circular shapes with paper. It didn't turn out as it did in my mind, but that is how I figure things out... so I will try this again with different variables. 

3x5" index card, stitched collage by Tammy Garcia

ICAD #9: [Chevron] Stitched collage on 3x5" index card. I had SO much fun with this one... I was thinking of a chevron comprised of diagonals with different patterns ~ and then the stitching is in diagonals to add to the drama. 3x5" index card, collage, stitching. 💚 Zigzag pattern stitched from found papers, painted papers, ephemera ALSO an excerpt from a Starbucks brochure from a trip to Mexico, hand-lettering from a page of modern calligraphy in dip pen... 

3x5" index card in ink by Tammy Garcia.

ICAD #10: Decadent rainbow upside down starburst. Ink on 3x5" index card. Definitely inspired and sparked by my ongoing explorations in ink throughout the year for my 365 Somethings project.

3x5" index card in gouache by Tammy Garcia.

ICAD #11: Gouache on 3x5" index card. 

3x5" index card in ink/gouache by Tammy Garcia.

ICAD #12: Gouache and ink on 3x5" index card. I've done this kind of pattern in various journals, love playing with the negative space. 

3x5" index card by Tammy Garcia.

ICAD #13: [Cobblestone]. Acrylic, hand-stitched collage on 3x5" index card. 

3x5" index card in ink by Tammy Garcia.

ICAD #14: [Flamingo] For this prompt, I was inspired by the long narrow legs and the color of flamingos! Stitching and gouache on 3x5" index card. Unintentionally upside down! I was so focused on the stitching that I didn't notice it was upside down until I started painting:)

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