Color-Themed Collage {Blue}

"Yet, it is true, poetry is delicious;
the best prose is that which
is most full of poetry."
Virginia Woolf 

Have you created a color-themed collage? It could be stitched or glued or stapled, but the idea is to pick collage stuff based on color alone.

Just pick a color and go through everything, literally everything, in your paper stash in a hunt for that color. You can focus a specific aqua blue or vermillion red or even a color combination collage {two particular colors} where you only use items with those colors. You can be as flexible as you wish, for example, allowing items which contain those colors but might have other colors... or just papers with your desired color. In this collage I used anything remotely considered blue to my eyes. 

The good news is that the sewing part is relatively quick. Still, this page took about three days because I just worked a little at a time between other life stuff. It takes longer than you might think just to gather up the papers - and then usually I'll not gather up enough stuff so I restart my search. 

I have a stack of papers cut to a particular size and these will be added to the Play Journal. My journals all have names so that I can refer to them and think about them and it gives them character. The Play Journal is not yet stitched together so I can keep adding to it. That's the way I made the little Joker Journal, although that was finished in a few days and the Play Journal has been in process for months!

November is Art Every Day Month. I'll do something creative each day this month. I've been doing this challenge since 2009, so this is my 6th year!!!