Color Play

"Fantasy, if it's really convincing can't become dated
for the simple reason that it represents a flight
into a dimension that lies beyond the reach of time.
~ Walt Disney

8x10" Clairefontaine watercolor pad 

The idea is to paint without lines, other than those dividing the page, using my little travel watercolors and a brush. I've been practicing with a #8 pointed round brush for a few weeks, trying to get the feel of it, what I can do with it, how to do circles, squares, triangles, curves, how much water to leave on the brush, how to make the paint transparent or translucent, blending colors, mixing colors, I'm trying to learn everything by leaving just the brush as a constant. It's definitely easier to draw lines in pencil and just fill them in. But why not enjoy a challenge?

I'm working in an . This is my first experience with a pad glued at all sides; to release the paper you slide a sharp knife between the page and the remainder of the pad. The paper stays perfectly flat while working, and you can leave it on the pad until dry if you aren't doing another page that day. It's a joy to work with this paper and the pad is a bonus.