Collection #6

glorious metalwork in Bruges, Belgium inspires ribbon doodles, an icon or personal symbol, an oxidized silver jewelry charm, a character in a cartoon

stained glass windows edge the Saint Bavo church in Haarlem, Netherlands, brings a funky color palette, abstract symbolism, patterns for quilting, doodles, the center of a mandala, an intertwined silver bracelet

the fall aster in our garden with leaves and flowers in the background, a palette of lavender, magenta, lime green and pale yellow

the stone edging embellishing a palace wall in Munich inspires an abstract painting

in the spectacular starburst ceiling of the Saint Bavo Church, Haarlem, The Netherlands, i see a mandala

 the urban graffiti art on a door in Amsterdam (clearly not in a legal zone), an art journal background, concept for an industrial font, a doorway sketch

Photographs can snag a composition in a store window, typography, a palette of colors in a garden, a juxtaposition of colors in a weathered sign, the colors of the sunset, little designs for doodles & embroidery.