Collection #5

We seek inspiration. We seek ideas. We are curious. We see something and wonder how we can turn it into something else. How we can shape an idea into a story. We never just walk down the street with a blank mind. We are always looking.

in this wonderful paisley fabric from dhongia, a splendid color palette of rust, orange, yellow, a journal page textured with thread

in mexico last winter, we found precious paste dolls, each representing a different state... little senioritas give me and idea for a vivid acrylic painting or a palette of deep blue and pale orange for a journal page

this store in Ghent, Belgium reminds me of corner pharmacies in the northeast US, stores with entrances on each side of the corner that met to enter by one door... the backdrop for a scene in a story, window boxes on the wall facing the canal make such a lovely facade

urban afternoon shadows in Texas are a hand stamped fabric or a doodled border around an art journal page

i can envision a scene from a short story in an eclectic market in the redlight district of Amsterdam, a place with colorful characters

this pattern in the cobblestone streets of Ghent, Belgium make me think of hand-carved stamps, the background for a journal page background, a mosaic mandala, maybe a stainless steel and steel grey palette

in a tiny linen and lace shop in Ghent this framed antique lace gives me ideas for a mandala and reminds me to get back to embroidery and how beautiful ivory can be; a lace treasure in an old trunk could be part of a short story

i see cheerful color palette of reds, pinks and sunny yellows in windowsill plantings above the shops of Heidelberg; the muse for a character's home in a novel, or a pencil & watercolor sketch

in this arch adjacent to the Mirabel Gardens in Salzburg, a pencil sketch highlighted with soft rose transparent watercolors, an angel-inspired pictogram, a doodle, a poem, product logo, and inked edging on an art journal page, not to mention a unique color combination