Collecting, gathering & keeping your index cards

Be sure to take time to honor your accomplishment
and devise a way to celebrate and document your creative work! 

  1. Snap a photograph of your stack-o-cards and post on instagram! Happy day!
  2. Play frisbee or make a mobile out of them!
  3. Stick them in your art journal as tip-ins.
  4. Contemplate whether index cards are an impermanent, unprecious art form. You could leave a few at the coffee shop, library or hospital waiting room. 
  5. Mail to friends with love notes on the back of each card.
  6. Bring them to your duplicate bridge group and show your friend Francesca what you accomplished. Pass them around!

Collecting, gathering & otherwise
keeping your 61 index cards:

  1. Make a bound journal and attach an index card to each page using washi tape or a staple.
  2. Thread wire through the corner of each card and make a mobile for your art space.
  3. Punch a hole in each index card and put on a ginormous metallic jump ring.
  4. Tack your cards to an inspiration board, your studio wall or a cork board.
  5. Use a DYMO label-maker to type labels and file by year or medium.
  6. Make your ICADs into a journal by stitching up one side using a book-binding technique.
  7. Use washi tape to attach your index cards as tip-ins to an art journal. More ideas in Prompt60 #27: Flip Flop.
  8. Keep in chronological order in a 100% archival box, a cardboard shoe box or zip-lok baggie.
  9. Display on the side of your refrigerator with tiny magnets.
  10. Use as collage fodder for your art journal pages or mixed media collages.
  11. Journal notes on the back.
  12. Frame a dozen of them!
  13. Leave cards at random spots as RAK {Random Acts of Kindness}. 
  14. Go on a thrift shop treasure hunt for a perfectly-sized vintage metal tin.
  15. Keep a card in the back of your journal, in your backpack or purse to remind you of your accomplishment and a prompt to keep creating.

Reward yourself!

  1. Make a coffee date with a friend. 
  2. Collect a bunch of twigs, leaves & flowers from your garden and place in a large bowl or vase for inspiration.
  3. Indulge in mango & lime scented bath bubbles.
  4. Subscribe to 15 new podcasts; listen to episodes while you do art.
  5. Make a Spotify playlist to inspire your creative play-time.
  6. Reserve a stack of art, typography & design books from the public library and spend a few hours perusing the ideas with a cup of chamomile tea.
  7. Buy yourself a new art book. Start with Danny Gregory's The Creative License.
  8. Buy a fresh bottle of sepia india ink.
  9. Get a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas or dahlias for your breakfast table.
  10. Invest in a new pair of jeans. You know, because your other jeans have drips of paint.
  11. Gift yourself a Moleskine journal and a new black PITT pen.
  12. Paint your nails hot pink. 
  13. Set up a relaxation station on your patio, porch or backyard.

Experience the sense of accomplishment! There is no goal other than finishing the challenge, creating 61 cards in 61 days!!! Investing time in YOURSELF and your ART PRACTICE is the win here, not the finished work! What matters is NOT collecting a bunch of index card creations but that daily bit of creativity on a blank canvas which is not precious.

We don't need to know what we will do with our art. What do you do when you finish a game of backgammon or Words With Friends?