Coffee + Grinds

Background #1, paste of coffee grounds

Background #1, coffee grounds scraped

Here's a wood look for an art journal background using super fine coffee grinds. Just after the morning coffee was poured from the french press, I put the grinds in a cup. Using the edge of a plastic gift card, I painted the grinds all over the page. After about an hour, I scraped off the grinds pretty well with the card. 

Background #2, bottom of the coffee pot

Background #2, dried coffee

The second background is a grunge sepia look using the dredges of a pot of coffee. I dripped the still hot coffee (the part no-one wants to drink) onto watercolor paper, and topped it with a bonus bit of dry grounds that remained in the coffee grinder and some kosher salt. The final version is fully dried and pressed under heavy books.

These coffee stained papers, like any bit of abstract art, can be used in cool ways:

  1. art journal backgrounds
  2. cut into unique ATC backgrounds
  3. cut into book marks
  4. scanned and transformed into a photoshop brush
  5. scanned and used as a photoshop/lightroom texture layer
  6. cut into strips and weaved
  7. cut up and used as components of an art journal or mixed media collage

More ideas at the popular Step #574: Create Journal Fodder and Step #239: Abstract Backgrounds from the Step-by-Step Art Journaling Series.