Perfectly Imperfect Cityscape Collage Tutorial

Howdy folks! Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating. We’re gearing up for a lovely dinner and I thought it would be fun to share a tutorial with you! This mixed media collage technique is easy peasy with lots of potential outcomes. The key is choosing horizontal collage elements that echo or give the illusion of the layers of a horizon or landscape. A faux cityscape.

Oh and hey - no goal of perfection here! Collage is an art form where working intuitively adds depth of the finished piece. Let it flow! Just play with papers ~ and see what happens. You’ve got a zillion bits of paper and magazines in your stash, right? Time to use them! To get started, go on a treasure hunt for w-i-d-e imagery in horizontal format.

Stack it up, glue it down, paint around… and you’ve got a cityscape.

PS. This tutorial was originally part of the bonus content for folks in Groovy Grunge & Novel Approach this past summer ~ now a freebie for you to enjoy! 😀 More tutorials in the videos section, the ICAD

Mixed media collage tutorial

Watch the 3 minute tutorial at Vimeo.

Once you have your workspace set up, this project will take 15-30 minutes, depending on how much time you'd like to dedicate to finding the elements for the grid. This took about 10 minutes to create; I edited the video to a 3 minute tutorial.

Often one image or word will launch an entire collage. That is what happened here for me! It was the top horizontal city landscape that I found so intriguing that I built the rest of the collage from that strip. Select something that looks glorious in this long stretched horizontal format. Next, really - it's your ballgame, my friends - you might envision the layers of a horizon, like the stretches of fields, mountains, pines, corn husks, sand dunes, swamps, and more!

You might opt to use an actual image of a skyline, skyscrapers, birds, or clouds. Or you could interpret this concept figuratively using the blue of the sky, the colors of a sunrise or sunset.

Try to squint and see the textures in the images at your fingertips. The chain could be a literal chain but could represent a fence or a dividing line or the metallic shimmer of a skyscraper or a mirrored building reflecting the sunlight. Keep your mind open to what you can utilize and what it might symbolize.

At the end, after the collage and the paint... you might feel drawn to add a word or phrase. It’s kind of a twist on found poetry. I felt like adding a word and the word that I found in my word collection - spoke to me - I LOVE the font and the way the word "looks" and is a subset of the prettier word MIRAGE which is an interesting word indeed.

Here’s another version of this cityscape concept, created with torn paper.

There’s a tutorial for this collage and a zillion other playful ideas inside The Creative Nudge Vol. 01.

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