The Circle Workshop: Inspiring Daily Creative Work

The Circle Workshop is comprised of prompts, thought-provoking ideas to explore, points to pointer. It's self-paced, online, available 24/7, so you can stop in, grab a creative spark and go create something. A fantastic way to keep a daily art practice? Exercise your creative thinking skills while you work on a small art project each day.

61 sections to explore, including 12 videos; 10 videos about collage, 2 about hand-lettering and mark making. Also! Project ideas such as working with variations on a theme, the value of your camera to your creative process, using diagonals in your work, the joy of working small, creating an idea journal, finding symbolism in your work, starting and finishing journal pages... and more, more, more!!!

Registration is open now.

Access to the Circle Workshop
has been extended
through December 2017.

It doesn't require a massive strategic initiative with a detailed distributed digitized Basecamp dashboard replete with deliverables parsed out over the next 365 days. It doest require a dot matrix printer or a bullet journal or an understanding of the color wheel. It is so much simpler than all that. 

But wait, there's more! I'll show you how I created three mixed media art journal pages with acrylics + collage. 

Plus! A small, private Facebook group with 70+ discussion topics and growing. Join the discussion, share your index card art and journal pages with the supportive crew. 

So if you really and truly WANT to do art, to have some accountability, to roll up your sleeves, zip across the blank page, this is definitely for you! Start, revamp, refresh + reinforce your daily creative practice and generate creative ideas with a focus on index card art and collage.