cheerful positive mantras

I keep visualizing my journals as an escape hatch. So journaling is therefore a tool, a healthy tool, that helps in the Happiness Department. That's got to be a good thing. 

Imagine a bunch of sticky notes taped across your bathroom mirror with positive mantras to start your day. This page is like that mirror.  The world is a mess right now and we all really need a glimmer of positivity. I bet if you painted something with bright colors, it would make your day better. Have you tried it? Did it help? 

20161226_groovy18_0012 copyd.jpg

These pages are in the cookbook I'm altering; they went all over the place and I was starting to think that I would paint over the whole thing and start over {which is one of the coolest things about acrylics, right?}...  first I painted some patterns with a small brush, turned them into flowers, got annoyed with the stems, drew stems in pencil, liked them, then painted over the stems in black and they were too thick, then morphed them into... well you know those metallic garden markers, little stakes that you can plant amidst your gardenias and phlox and tomatoes and jalapeƱos?