Casitas, Tiny Imaginary Structures in Ink

365 inked Abstracts #123-134

I'm quite behind in documenting my 365's here at the blog. When I start a challenge I know that I can do the "art" part -- but I usually neglect to properly factor in the time/energy factor of documenting/sharing/blogging said challenge. I do love all of the intersecting parts, but there's a lot of juggling and I often question my sanity but here we are once again, a zillion projects happening along with life, laundry, etc. All of that is the long way of thanking you for reading along for all of these years! It's been TEN YEARS this past week. 

container • cave • holder • casita • castle • house • hideaway • shoe • parquesito 

Remember the kooky structures|shapes that started {took 🧤🌱🐿 root} during ICAD + Inktober?They're BACK in the creative rotation. Certain ideas + marks stick in my mind and I kind of circle back. If you want to know the inks, the lush pink is J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen. The purple is J. Herbin Violette Pensée.  This upbeat green is J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage

3x3" ink on watercolor paper; #123

The 365 Somethings Project is an on-going project, a thread through the calendar year. This is a project I'm doing along with Hanna Andersson. It is a flexible approach, where we are free to work in batches and sets and series toward a quantitative goal.