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Alphabet Journal Flip-Thru

Many of you know that I have a lot of journals in work at the same time. I like to see this as evidence of a creative and curious mind rather than attaching any negative connotation. Each journal has a different look and feel and gradually each journal develops in a different direction. This particular journal is a lined journal with swirly doodles on each page. I found it at the bookstore.

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27+ Ideas for Using Words in Your Journal

If you want to indulge in your love of words and incorporate words in your art journal pages, {any text, legible or not} you'll need to find space for those words - make space in advance - cover up another element with those words - use collage elements that already have words - so many options. Limitless options. So let me visualize some of this for you. Take these ideas and ricochet them into your own work. 

No matter what words, letters, symbols or numbers you choose to utilize, at some point in the process of creating your page those words need to be added| painted| stitched| stapled| attached| adhered| glued| etched| drawn| lettered.

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The Delusion

Hand-lettering on a dark mixed media background, especially one layered with collage or acrylics, is especially challenging. But a white pen comes to the rescue! In the video, I wrote with two different white pens on the background of Golden heavy body acrylics, {i.e. black, payne's gray, teal etc.} so at first glance it's a mysterious almost-black. I reserved some space at the top left for writing and that's where I added a quote. The words at the center margin were just squeezed in, not planned. And of course there are words on some of the papers... 

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