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Perfectly Imperfect Cityscape Collage Tutorial

This mixed media collage technique is easy peasy with lots of potential outcomes. The key is choosing horizontal collage elements that echo or give the illusion of the layers of a horizon or landscape. A faux cityscape. This is the opposite of a perfect collage, by the way ~ just play with papers ~ and see what happens. You’ve got a zillion bits of paper and magazines in your stash, right? Time to use them! To get started, go on a treasure hunt for w-i-d-e imagery in horizontal format.

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Painting Quasi-Concentric Circles with Gouache

Yeah! I’ve been filming my new {abstract watercolor|gouache} workshop for the past month and while I work on that, I made a fun + happy + colorful tutorial to share with you in advance! This is a fun {meditative} painting technique that takes advantage of the opacity of gouache to make layers + layers that blend and blur and form such interesting intersections + colors!

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Circular Journaling

Howdy everyone! I've got a sweet painting + lettering technique video for you today! This was originally a section from my 21 Secrets Workshop called Crossroads [21 Secrets Spring 2015]. Do you have some watercolor paper on hand, or a square watercolor journal? 

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Masking with washi tape

As I work through my 365 Somethings project, I can think of new ideas but I can also look through art I've done before and revisit "old" ideas with flare and a twist! Further, I can grab an index card and try to do the same technique on both surfaces - a lush watercolor square and a basic 3x5" index card. The results will be different! 

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Stacks of Color + Pattern: Sweet Collage Technique

Hi daisies! This is an easy peasy collage technique that brings together papers you've painted, found papers, magazine clippings, gelatin prints, even mop-up pages! Once you start looking you will find interesting patterns and marks everywhere:) Try this on loose watercolor paper or a watercolor journal, and use watercolor or gouache as your painting medium. Or make a MINI version on an index card!


I was looking through videos from my
"vintage" workshops looking for gems that you guys might like! 

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